15 Days to go: Time Out

So it seems like awhile since I was in touch, but as usual there have been ups and downs, from the 23rd – 27th I got out to do a 5km jog / 5km cycle, a 5km jog / 10km cycle and a 16km cycle.  Then I went for an Amatsu session, it’s been on my ‘to do’ list for awhile, (since having my last child) but I had been postponing it and with a three week lead time I had my appointment on the 28th.

In case you haven’t heard of it before, Amatsu is a therapy that has been used for thousands of years in Japan, it is based on ancient principles of natural movement and can be used to help many musculo-skeletal and lifestyle related conditions, as well as supporting the restoration of general health and well being.  I’ve been a couple of times, not specifically for an injury but just to get general alignment checked (especially after all the action of child-birth!)

Anyway, my session showed that I my pelvis was twisted a little because of a non functioning muscle and therefore my left side was working hard to compensate, so after the realignment the advice was to stick to 15 mins of walking on a flat surface for a week and then build up slowly to jogging again.  The cycling could continue because it is less stressful on the body.  You might think this was a reason to say I’d never be ready for the race if I had to take a week out with only 3 weeks to go but as far as I was concerned the timing was perfect because I had planned a few days away and well now I could do it completely guilt free!

On the Thursday myself and my husband went to se2017-06-29 22.20.00e Greenday  in Dublin and as I said on facebook I was just as excited to leave the kids and go to it as I was the first time I left my parents to go to an outdoor concert!  We had a great night with plenty of laughing, chatting, singing, dancing and walking 😉

For the rest of the weekend I was heading to Donegal with my sister and one of my friends – I am so lucky they were taking me away for my ‘big birthday’!  It was fabulous in the Lough Eske Castle Hotel and Spa.  On the Saturday we ventured just beyond Killybegs to Fintragh Bay Beach for a stroll on the beach and back to the spa for an afternoon of pampering (courtesy of another amazing friend!).  We had dinner in the fabulous restaurant that night with a few glasses of Prosecco / Bellini’s to wash it all down. The weekend was total escapism, unbelievably relaxing, quality time out.  We stopped to watch Galway win the hurling on the way home and then arrived back to reality Sunday evening.

I was back with great enthusiasm on Monday morning, it hadn’t been a week since the Amatsu so I stayed with the cycling and did 16km, on Tuesday morning I did 14km (only because I vary the route) and on Wednesday I did 5km walk / jog; maybe walking for 100/200m and then jogging the rest of the KM and 14km on the bike.  This morning I was tired, not simply from the exercise but from everything else that’s going on; with work, home, catch up from last weekend etc. so I just listened to my body and plan to go for a walk or an easy cycle later this evening.

Taking time out is really important whether it be from the hum drum of everyday activities or needing to gather your thoughts or your energy for the next phase.  I was in a place where I was beginning to panic because our au pair is returning to France to study this Saturday and I felt like was ‘panic buying in a sale’ trying to get everything done before she left.  It’s just not worth it, my time out was really well spent and I now feel able to face the next stage.  Yes, juggling work, exercise and the children will be a challenge for the next few weeks until there is a more permanent solution in place but it will be fine.  I just need to get more creative and that’s what I will do!

I hope you are all getting on well and as usual I would love to hear from you, I’ve been told several times over the last week that I have a great colour so clearly my overall plan for this adventure race is going well.  What about your goals?  Keep the faith.