30 Days to go: A Burning Desire….


Burning Desire

It’s been a week of many ups and downs!  Wednesday and Thursday were pretty uneventful, doing 10km on the bike both days, just getting on with it I suppose.  It went downhill from there though, we had a wedding at the weekend so I was really busy getting the kids, dinners and the house organised for when we were gone, that res2017-06-17 22.51.06ulted in nothing exercise related happening on Friday.

The wedding was Saturday so the exercise on that day pretty much just involved exercising my arm with drink and my feet in high-heels on the floor!!  I did meet Davy Fitz on my travels so maybe that could loosely translate to some sort of motivation?!

Sunday was recovery mode and Monday was catch-up mode, taking me right up to Tuesday and really anxious to get back on track.  Dehydration at bay, I decided to stick to the easier option of cycling.  I settle on my usual loop of 10KM would be a good start so that’s what I went for, it was an absolutely glorious day and the cycle was really enjoyable.  That was until I was on the home stretch and could hear a lorry coming behind me, I’m thinking ‘it’s ok, nice and steady and it’ll be fine’ until he passes me out, sees an oncoming car and leaves about an inch between me and his lorry.  That’s ok until I come to realise that my entire left side is so far in the ditch that I’m getting repeatedly stung by nettles!!! So to the Banagher Concrete Lorry driver, that gave me the burning desire to pedal faster I say ‘Thank you’.  For providing an update on the state of my legs, I say ‘Thank You’. For making me appreciate and be more mindful of cyclists in the future, I say ‘Thank You’.  Perhaps in Offaly the county council keep the growth of ditches under control, but it’s certainly not the case in Co. Galway.

That was Tuesday, today I decided to get back at the jogging and did a slow 5km jog followed by the usual 10KM cycle.  Truth be told I could still feel the sambuca from the wedding oozing from my pores but hopefully that’s the end of that now!  If I thought my experience with the lorry was bad yesterday, it was compounded today by a near death experience. I was jogging (in the first 3KM), when I hear two cars coming from behind, but that’s ok they are on the opposite side from me so I just keep going.  That was until another car comes around the bend in front of me, sees the two oncoming cars and heads straight for the ditch!  Now, I realise I am only 5ft 1” but seriously, does he see me at all? Before I know it, I’m in the ditch, in another bunch for nettles, burning, burning, burning…. The up-side you might ask?  Could there possibly be an upside?  Because I was jogging it was now my right side that is covered in stings.  So the update on my tanned or not so tanned legs as a result of all this exercising is that they are NOT brown but red, raised lumps in need of serious ‘doc leaf’ care and attention.  I did make it back to the house and the transition to the bike was indeed welcome, so was the breeze on my legs as I picked up speed on the bike!  You couldn’t make this stuff up but who do you think I met on my cycle but Mr. Banagher Concrete, driving his lorry, you have never heard anyone say ‘Thank You’ as loud as me because he was coming towards me and not behind me!  He got the biggest smile of the day from me.

So getting back in the saddle has been good and the burning desire interesting but just remember it doesn’t matter how much distance you cover, or what speed you are moving at as long as you keep moving forward.

As usual I would love to hear from you, please comment and share.

PS Tinkerbelle got her own bike pumped and ready for action so she is fully on board, onwards and upwards.