38 Days to go: The Spa Experience

38 Days to go_ The Spa Experience (2)

Distance Covered: 12Km, 6KM, 16KM, 12KM

So everything’s on track since the last time I checked in, I’ve covered 46Km!  That’s not a typo I really have covered that distance but I’ll break it down later.

On Thursday afternoon I got a lovely call from someone saying that after chatting to me on Wednesday they were inspired to borrow a bike and go for a cycle, well if that’s all that happens between now and July 22nd then that’s a result!  They have also signed up for the race (they are still in the closet and no one knows they have signed up) so for now let’s call her ‘Tinkerbelle’, I expect to get a few training session in with Tinkerbelle between now and July.  So if there’s anyone else out there that’s signed up or simply just dusted off the runners or the bicycle, whether you’re in or out of the closet in relation to your plans then I’d love to hear from you.

So on Thursday evening I’d like to say I went for a swim and a sauna but that sounds lovely and civilised, the reality is I went for a not-so-graceful doggy paddle and a quick burst in a steam room because the sauna was out of action!  It was nice though and a welcome relief to my leg muscles.  It’s important to listen to your body and mine needed that little bit of care and attention.

On Friday morning I decided it was time to tackle the jogging side of the preparations.  After a few quick muscle stretches I began to jog in the direction of the nearest village, to be honest I didn’t think I’d manage to keep going for any distance but as I began to get into it, I decided to jog for 2.5KM if possible and then walk back.  It might see silly but I think the little bit of exercise that I have been doing is making a difference, I jogged 3KM, pushing myself for the last 500m and then walked back, it may not seem far but it’s a long time since I did any sort of jogging so I was pleased with that and feeling quite good by the time I got home so I had the brainwave to try getting on the bike in order to see what the transition might be like.  I quickly decided to cycle 3KM and then return.  While my rear-end was still giving out for the first few meters it was actually quite enjoyable.  I couldn’t believe it, 12KM covered; 3KM jog, 3KM walk and 6KM cycle.  It’s been a great few days.

I was undecided as to what the weekend would bring because of childcare and everything else that takes priority so I decided not to get bogged down on that and I would take an opportunity to exercise if it came about.  On Saturday afternoon I got the chance to go for a 6KM walk, it was nice and refreshing and felt good to get it in unexpectedly.  Carpe Diem and all that ladies!

Sunday was spent with the family; a day of rest…. That included washing, ironing, cleaning, cooking, organising, planning, etc. etc.  all the things that every mum gets up to on her day of rest!

Monday is the beginning of a new working week.  This is day 6 into this new routine, it already feels more like a habit, let’s keep it up.  The morning was so windy and miserable I didn’t think I could face a jog but that’s the good thing about having variety I was happier to get on my bike.  Today though not even the postman would recognise me, I’ve got a pair of cycling shorts, a helmet AND the big news is a new pair of glasses.  The ones with the reflective glass so you’ll all be able to see my phone when I start to take selfies on my progress (don’t hold your breath!)  I set off and decided that if I felt good over the first 8KM I wouldn’t take the usual road home (for 10KM) I would go on a bigger loop and see how it went.  I was grateful for the glasses, not from the flies but there was a very strong headwind and they really protected my eyes.  I got to the 8KM turn and decided to keep going, so today I did a great big loop that covered 16KM.  That’s the full distance of the cycle on the race so that’s great going.

If you have a goal and you need support, get it from someone that will keep you accountable, whether it’s eating healthy, starting to exercise or simply to make yourself a priority for once.  Pair up with someone and you can encourage each other from there.  It takes 21 days to make /break a habit so find yourself a partner, decide what you want to achieve, make an agreement for 21days and keep in touch for the ups and downs and go achieve!  If you need a partner, drop me a line.

It may appear that I seem to be getting the time I need to fit in all this exercise and wonder where the hell are the two kids?  Well yes I do have childcare covered 5 days a week and I am self-employed so it is a little easier for me to manage my time but it all still has to get done.  When I got back from cycling earlier I went straight to the shower, only to have my three year old insist on coming in with me, that’s ok she usually lets her imagination run wild with lotions and potions and plays with her dolls.  Thinking I had all bases covered with the bathroom door closed I got into the shower only to hear my one year old squeal with delight as he started banging on the shower door, I’m covered in shampoo and I’m just thinking – SERIOUSLY, can a girl not get 2 minutes by herself for a God dam shower???  I mean I’m not looking for a spa experience, just the opportunity to wash the sweat off this tired but satisfied body… Eh?  No, and by the time I opened my eyes he had thrown both of my towels in the bath and turned on the taps, throwing his head back in delight at his new found freedom….. YES there was another adult in the house, one that saw fit to open the bathroom door and let the child in…. because ‘he wanted his mammy…’ they were all heart though and closed the door behind him, I’m guessing to protect my modesty – WELL THANKS VERY MUCH!

It’s all go in every house and especially in a house with small people but it’s important to prioritise self care.  To all of you ladies reading this blog, take time to make time, you are very important and need to be cared for.  If starting with taking time to use the bathroom or shower by yourself is where you are at then that’s your starting point.  Or take time for a coffee first thing in the morning, on your own while the house is quiet.  Perhaps a few minutes of meditation as you place your feet on the ground before you get out of bed, or using the 30 mins of exercise as ‘me time’ then that’s what you must schedule into your day.

So Tuesday has come around very quickly and I need to get back to trying the jogging, once again after a few stretches I set off, my hope is to jog (stay moving at more than a walk) for 5KM.  I decide to head towards the bog, the biggest pro is that no one will see me; the con is that underfoot the terrain can be a little more difficult but it is more inline with the conditions of the race so I guess that’s a win all around.  I did the 5KM slowly but I did it – yeahhh!  It’s a little harder on my knees so I need to be mindful of that.  By the time I got back to the house the sight of the bike was strangely enticing, I think it’s just because I’m already hot and sweaty and well it’s much more time efficient to keep going instead of trying to get back out on the bike later in the day, isn’t it? I go for it, hop on the bike and that’s another 7km done and dusted.

38 days to go and I feel like I’m going to crack this race, it feels good.  Keep it up ladies.

PS If you have a challenge, whatever it might be and need a partner, please get in touch x