43 Days to go: My Ass

43 days to go (2)

So it’s day 2 on the journey and it’s beginning to rock and roll!

It didn’t start like that though – I had every reason in the world to bail out this morning, the weather was crap, the kids were complaining, I needed to be at work as early as possible, my father-in-law dropped in for his breakfast…. Did I mention the weather, it was lashing…

Right, I’m going to do this, so my first thought was ‘the flies won’t be bothering me today’ – bonus. I got the kids their breakfast and changed into ‘my gear’!  I could see my father-in-law looking at me oddly and I thought ‘I’m sure he’s thinking where in the name of God is she going with all that has to be done this hour of the morning’.  Then I flipped it on its head and said ‘maybe he’s thinking hasn’t she got great get up in go first thing in the morning, wouldn’t it be great if it was Máire that I was trying to get up to milk the cows and not the young lad next door!’… The reality is he probably didn’t even notice that I was parading around in shorts and fiddling with my garmin as I wiped clean the saddle of the bike!

I was off…. The plan today was to go a little further, cycle to the nearest village and around in a loop back to the house.  I’m not sure of the distance but I know it’ll be a little more than yesterday.  I get up on the bike; ouch, ouch, ouch…. My ass is sore from yesterday – so much for thinking I had all the padding I could need on my big ass!  Oddly enough it didn’t last long, I’d say 500m down the road and we were all friends again, me, the bike and the open road.

It’s funny the things you notice when you are not in a car and are just that one step closer to nature, the birds were singing, the cows were getting milked, the children are all off to school, the postman is all kitted out in his rain gear delivering the post.  “Oh wait that’s a different post man, have I cycled so far that I’ve gone into a different jurisdiction?  Wow wow wow…. This is fantastic.

I cycled on, the route is nice with a good mixture of up and down hill, everyone is saluting me and I’m saluting them back.  I have no idea who they are but I can almost hear them saying ‘I wonder who is that now, I think she looks a bit like the wife of yer man with all the cows at the top of the hill…..’ With a smile and salute I cycle on.  I’m really enjoying it this morning and so my mind starts to focus on the length of the route, I look at the watch, it’s approaching 8KM and I’m approaching the local church – wouldn’t it be great to hit the 10km mark…. I cycle on, I still have the big hill to navigate but I decide that even if I haven’t reached 10km when I get to our house, I’m going to cycle past – 10km sounds good for this morning.  I reduce the gears and did deep for the final incline, I’m going really slow but I’m moving forward and that’s all that matters, I get to the top of the hill and look at the watch; 9.81KM and it just tips over the 10km mark and I’m about 50 yards from my own front gate…. Result!!!

The lesson for today is that anyone who thinks they have a big ass, rest assured that your seat bones will always reach the saddle, no amount of adipose tissue will cushion that connection.  If you have a big ass he’s out eating grass in the nearest paddock!  Don’t believe me?  Give it a go.

PS About 30 mins later the postman arrived, the same one I had met on my travels; he is working as a relief worker for a few days, he made me smile.