Authentic Self

Over the last few weeks, I’ve come to acknowledge how drawn I am to authenticity; authentic people, authentic messages, authentic life’s purpose, authentic discussion, authentic feedback.

You might say this is a no-brainer, of course we are all drawn to this.  My question then becomes ‘why do I only acknowledge my authentic self in snippets?’  Yes, this is a much bigger question.

Sometimes, as we grow and change, so too does our inner circle, our circle of friends, the relatives we are happy to spend time with, the new friends we make, the balance of work / life, our interests and our priorities.  We come to rely on different sources of relaxation, entertainment and fun.  We find joy and fulfilment in sources we never thought possible and acknowledge our authentic self more often.  Of course, this also means choosing to step away from some situations, activities and people that might not be for our highest good.

Anyone, on a journey, whether a spiritual journey or not will be faced with these decisions and choices on a daily basis.  Your true self is unique to you, your path, your journey, your life.

If you choose to be a stay at home Mum or Dad, to care for your family 24/7, to get involved in their extracurricular activities to enjoy their childhood then that is great.  If you are working full time, have your children in childcare, have a cleaner, a driver, and a chef!  Of indeed any mix of the two worlds.  Who is happiest?  Either, both or none?  Of course, this depends on whether they are living their own life?  Are the fulfilling their own life’s purpose? Are they living their dream?

My wish for you is to take some time to reflect on your life’s purpose, what are you here on this earth to fulfil?  Do your choices support this purpose?  I also want to remind you that when things change for the better for you, sometimes an inner belief will challenge and thoughts like ‘but this is expected / not expected of me’ or ‘what would my family / neighbours / friends think’, or times when you think ‘I would never be good enough to get that job, make that money or achieve that goal’ then break through that resistance and be your authentic self.

Taking a breath, I acknowledge how far I’ve come over the last 10 years, there was a time when I worked full time in a corporate world; travelled the world, earned a good salary, had my own house and a car that I loved, worked hard and played hard.  Was I living the dream?  If I was, then it wasn’t my dream.  Today, I count my blessings, I value my time, my family, my life, my journey, my teachers, my clients and supporters.  Today I release, let go and let flow.  Looking forward to sharing more and more of my authentic self. Máire x