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Career Development

Whether you are starting out and making decisions around subject choice in second level education, in college and still undecided about which path is right for you, have built a career but would like to change or have found yourself managing others and wonder how you got here then Smaoineamh is here to help.

Smaoineamh uses various coaching models, tools and techniques to explore career development options and support growth through education and change, helping you to reach your potential.

Session Length: 60-90 mins

Career development

Second Level Students – the aim of this engagement is provide insight into subject and career choices that enhance the coachee’s potential.




Session 1:

  • Getting to know the coachee and their aspirations
  • Personality Profiling Assessment
  • Interest Assessment
  • Current / proposed subject choices and levels

Session 2:

  • Review of Assessments, offering feedback and analysis
  • Discuss Options
  • Document next steps with the coachee

Career development in Galway Graduates – An introductory coaching session is the starting point, followed by the agreed plan which may include assessments, various coaching models to explore career development options and support change, this is specific to each coachee.




Career development with SmaoineamhMiddle – Senior Management – One option is to start looking at Emotional Intelligence by carrying out the EQ-i 2.0 (Emotional Quotient) on-line assessment, this provides insight for both the coach and the coachee. A recommended package of four coaching sessions allows for exploration of the results, clarity around findings for the coachee and incorporates goal setting and successes. Again, the agreed plan is unique to each career development coachee.