Get Active! Jump right in… to an adventure race!


Just a bit of background, there was a time in my life when I was fit, so I do know what that feels like but lets just say it’s not where I am now.  After growing two tiny humans (well actually not so tiny) inside this body, then managing to transition them to the outside world and well since that its all been about keeping them safe, happy and healthy so what better idea than to sign up for an adventure race – as a seriously unfit 40 year old, mother of two (a 3 year old girl and a 1 year old boy)!  FANTASTIC idea.  I’ve decided to share my journey with you, highlighting the ups and downs and definitely share my delight at conquering the challenge on July 22nd.

Ok, so it’s the 7th of June, 2017 and I signed up to an the Connemara Adventure race (probably a month ago) – I’ve just checked their website and it tells me there’s 44 days and 13 hours left; lots of time – SURELY?

What does it involve?

  1. Running/walking: 10.5km approx      2. Cycling: 16km approx      3. Kayaking: 0.5km max

If you’re interested they are still taking registrations

Today I started… I got on my bike (not looking at the FAQ section to see what type of bike is most suitable cause I’m not investing in a bike so I’m sure my bike is perfect or maybe ignorance is bliss) and set off – I have a Garmin watch from my fitter days, even though it’s probably an antique in 2017 it does the job and off we go.  I’m not very familiar with the roads around where I live but I have an idea of a loop that’s probably around 6km so that’s my aim for this morning.

I survive and I covered 6.8km…. yeaaaaahhhhh what a start.  So what did I learn?

  • There was a sense of ‘go me! – I’m exercising’
  • I wonder if the wind chill on my legs will give me a nice colour by the time I’m finished training? Bonus! (My mum multitasking mindset is never far from the surface)
  • Ooohhhh even with my modest cycling I do pick up a little speed when freewheeling down hill… I also pick up lots of little flies in my eyes – yuck, do I need to wear glasses of some sort? Now I’m going to look fabulous, tanned legs AND cool glasses, great.
  • I come to a steep hill – start messing with the gears, yes there are gears – and they do make a difference – phew! This is a lovely little bike.  Again it makes me wonder; would I need to be able to fix a puncture the day of the race??  Who knows because I certainly wouldn’t be able to do that today – isn’t that why you bring your phone with you?  In the event of an emergency and all that……
  • Now I’ve started there will be no stopping me 😉

Until next time, remember to take one step at a time, one day at a time and stay positive.  If you feel like signing up for the event and want to share your experience I’m happy to hear from you x