Phew!  What a rollercoaster of a few weeks we have come through and have yet to face.  A time when we looked forward to The 6 Nations, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter celebrations, Wimbledon, The Olympics,  The Eurovision(!), holidays, nights out, nights in, time with loved ones and the freedom to go anywhere we liked – all to be paused, postponed or cancelled.

Maybe it’s time to take a step back and simply be, but can we just ‘be’ anymore?  Can we just do whatever we chose to do from moment to moment?  WHO is judging us?

The overwhelm is huge right now, suggestions on what we could, or does it feel like what we should be doing? Homework from school, working from home, cooking, baking, de-cluttering, reading, videos from dance and exercise teachers, business mentors advising us on getting everything online, a mountain of resources for absolutely everything!  A different way of living, a different way of working, a different way of socialising, an app for EVERYTHING!  When all anyone really wants is to be happy and healthy…… happy and healthy… So if you’re staying at home and washing your hands, interacting with as few people as possible then you’re cracking it, you are the hero, you are saving lives, you are doing what’s asked of you to keep everyone you love happy and healthy.   Now that’s the bigger picture.

For all the newly crowned school teachers, those at home trying, who struggle with the judgement of your teaching, your child, their education, the impression you will give the teachers, other parents, neighbours and class mates, take a breath, you are not a school teacher, you are teaching in a crisis so however well it is going for you, you are doing just fine.  Please remember you are the primary teacher of love and kindness, that is your role and if you can muster the energy to give that lesson 10 mins a day you will have achieved so much for your child, your family and our society.

There are many in our circle who are grieving and struggling to grieve, whether it be from COVID-19 or otherwise, those we haven’t been able to say goodbye to, those we haven’t been able to support through their grief.  We will support them as best we can from a far until we can once again offer that shoulder to cry on or that warm embrace to strengthen them.

If you have no job, a mortgage going unpaid, money worries, kids running riot and wanting to get into the fridge every 10 mins then the struggle is all too real but you will get through this, you will survive and will once again flourish as the wonderful human being that you are.  Just for now, congratulate yourself on coming this far, take a deep breath and be grateful for all that you do have.

Tomorrow is another day, be your own judge.  Be healthy.  Be happy.  Simply Be.