Resetting the Clock

Having had a busy first four months in 2019, my world was quickly ground to a halt when I broke two bones and severed ligaments in my ankle.  It was a great day, the sun was shining, I was celebrating an event with family when someone had the bright idea of ‘husbands v wives’ on the bouncy castle obstacle course!  Yes, yes, I have heard it more than once ‘you should know better…’ ‘what age are you?’… ‘It’s time for you to grow up…’  The short version is that I ended up at the bottom of a slide with a lump on the inside of my right leg, which turned out to be my broken bones!

After emergency surgery, a plate, pins and my ligaments stitched back to the bone, two fabulous wounds and a couple of nights in hospital I returned home, physically challenged and mentally frustrated.  It was this head space that would prove the challenge over the next 10 weeks.

Yes, I know I needed to slow down and thought surely a sprained ankle would have achieved this!  But clearly the universe had other plans and based on experience knew a bigger ‘full stop’ was needed.  So, what changed over the 10 weeks?

I became more aware of;

  • listening to my body
  • everything I do in terms of workload
  • disability access when I was out and about
  • my ‘can-do’ attitude

I had to;

  • ask for help
  • keep my frustrations in check
  • accept what was / wasn’t possible

I was grateful for;

  • A Health system that progressed my care quickly
  • Medical procedures that allowed the physical breaks to get repaired
  • People that helped me out both inside and outside the house
  • Calls from people checking in and ringing for a chat
  • Getting time to connect more with my children
  • The ability to go to New York and witness Katie Taylor make history with two incredible women
  • Enjoying a week-long family holiday
  • Being able to do some work online and remotely

I learned;

  • Time moves on, the sun rises and set regardless of what else is going on
  • There are other ways of doing everything; when a challenge arises remember the ‘map is not the territory’ we all have the availability of so many resources to draw on, (both internally and externally) to overcome it
  • You cannot pour from an empty cup, self-care is not just important it is vital

Now 10 weeks have passed, I am out of plaster and am preparing for my second session of physio, I am using one crutch and I’m back at work full time; driving when I need to.  The children are in creche and life is back to ‘normal’ but the question now is, what will I chose to be my new ‘norm’?   Will I slip back into the old behaviours? the inability to say ‘no’ regardless of the extra pressure? the overwhelming workload?  Just doing it myself because it’s quicker and less hassle in the long run?

The good news is that the choice is mine and awareness is key, so there will be some changes and I’m excited about what the future holds.

Take a few minutes today to reflect on the message the universe might be trying to send you, pay attention to what you notice and bring awareness to what you chose.  Love and Blessings to you all, Máire xxx

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