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What you resist persists, is a famous quote from Carl Jung. How true. Writing is an activity that falls into that category for me. The idea of writing has crossed my mind many times over the years, from short stories, poetry, meditation scripts, etc. only to be met with the same old repetitive self deprecating thoughts like; I can’t do it, nobody will read it, what about grammar and spelling?, and it gets pushed to the background yet again. I have met some challenges that were overcome, like a final year project in college and a research project for my Masters; however the confidence level around writing didn’t seem to improve.

The universe however, has a unique way of not letting these things slip too far from front and centre. Strangers have asked me if I am a writer, the suggestion to write has come up many times, most recently in a Galway Reiki session, together with insights into the self deprecating thoughts! still to no avail, but then I started to work on my new website and there it was, the tab that said ‘Blog’. After many iterations of the website before going live, the blog button remained, so I am now making a conscious decision to write, in an ever-mindful practice that sets us free.

I will cover topics as they arise, in a blog that speaks from the heart, written in my own words and are hopefully of interest to you. Please feel free to leave a comment, and hopefully see you at a Galway Reiki session soon! Slán go fóill.