Yes you can! 24 hours to go…

It’s hard to believe its less then 24 hours to the adventure race but that’s where we’re at.  The training for the last 2 weeks can’t be described as successful or indeed even completed because I only got out for one 12km bike ride since I was last in touch.  I simply didn’t have childcare cover to allow for any more so that’s where I’m at!

There’s a great bit of banter with the girls I know who are doing it – all at various stages of fitness, various levels of training and various levels of appropriate equipment!  It’s going to be fun.

There’s a loose plan in place in terms of the day – leave in the morning ON TIME(!), have a nice brunch along the way because it’s a 1pm start time it’s needs a little effort on the timing of food etc. to ensure the right balance!  So we will get there for registration, drop the bike at the appropriate spot etc. and be ready for the safety briefing that is due to happen 15 mins before the race.

What happens for the few hours of the race is anyone’s guess but dinner and overnight accommodation are booked so that’s as much of a plan as we need.  I’m travelling with ‘Tinkerbelle’ and really looking forward to the day, to a good few laughs, the feeling of achievement and as Henry Ford said; whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!  I know I CAN and so can you!  See you on the other side….

PS If anyone following the journey is in Leenane tomorrow please come say hello and join in our fun!