You Are My Inspiration!

Last Friday night, I had just sat on the couch after a long week balancing work, home schooling, cooking, cleaning, child minding and generally trying to survive and push through all these challenges.  I’ve been pretty much going solo through the last 3 months and I was thinking to myself ‘is it ever worth it’….. I felt overwhelmed keeping the show on the road, working to make it easier for clients, trying to keep some normality for children whilst maintaining a high standard across it all and just as I sat there feeling somewhat deflated my phone sounds with a text message.

With no real enthusiasm I opened the message to read “That’s great, as ever Máire you continue to inspire me and make me think ‘what if’… thank you  ”.  It may not seem like that big of a deal but in that moment, it brought tears to my eyes and a release of all that built up frustration and deflation.  I let it go, breathing slowly and deeply voicing how grateful I was for the message.  I also thanked the texter and the response was “what? sure it’s all true! looking forward to seeing you soon”.  What was apparently not a big deal to the texter, meant to world to me in that moment.


It got me to thinking about what has inspired me over the last few months, here’s some of my list;

  • Business owners who have reinvented products and services
  • Those who have transitioned to online business offerings
  • Restaurant owners offering good value take away options protecting staff and customers
  • A niece who has moved in with her 90-year-old Aunt and survives ‘complimentary insults’ (as only the older generation can get away with!) on a daily basis
  • A mother of 3 who, on top of all the other tasks, gets up and gets out for a 6:20am social distanced fitness class
  • Two friends who send and share pictures from their garden and walks around our beautiful area
  • The contentiousness’ of my little girls’ teacher and the support she offers every day.
  • Each and every one of the parents who are doing their best with home schooling
  • Individuals doing paper rounds, meals on wheels, pharmacy runs, hospital appointments
  • Fundraising efforts, from children right up to veterans
  • Those coping with loss, anxiety and fear and yet keep going
  • Highlighting, sharing, and campaigning for various causes by ordinary, every-day people


The truth is that text last Friday night inspired me, to keep going, to keep trying, but perhaps more importantly to acknowledge, appreciate and be grateful for everything I have been doing and am capable of doing.

If you are reading this today, maybe, just maybe there is one person on your list of inspiring people that you could sent a message to, to remind them how inspiring they are.  You never know the inspiration YOU are providing.  Máire x